Detroit Lions get one of the craziest field goal bounces ever (Video)

DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 20: Matt Prater
DETROIT, MI - NOVEMBER 20: Matt Prater /

Honestly, there are fewer plays in football you will ever see that are luckier than this field goal for the Detroit Lions.

Sometimes in sports, things just go your way no matter what. Here and there you’ll get the lucky with things just shifting in your favor no matter what, as was evidenced by the Detroit Lions on Monday night.

The Lions are taking on the New York Giants this week in Monday Night Football action, and heading into the half of this one they were already in pretty good position up 14-7. But, you can never have enough points, and just as the teams were about to head into the locker room, they lined Matt Prater up for a 56-yard field goal for three extra points. You know, gotta be safe in the NFL and grab all you can.

Unfortunately, though, 56 yards is a long ways away and Prater just didn’t have enough leg to get it there and the kick fell short.

Well, actually … it fell short and then went OVER the crossbar for the field goal to be good.

I mean, like, come on … REALLY?!?! There have been some lucky bounces in the history of the kicking game in football, but that right there is one of the luckiest that you will ever see.

But, that’s just the way things have gone for the Lions on Monday night. Everything has been going their way in all facets of the game as they took a 17-7 lead into the half. They’re just having their way with the Giants, whether it’s with their own talent on the field or the football gods giving them a little help with the ball bouncing in their favor.