Joey Galloway’s shirt is untucked and people wonder if he’s wearing pants

ESPN college football analyst Joey Galloway decided to untuck his shirt during the South Florida vs. Temple game in the booth. But is he wearing pants?

When you woke up on Thursday morning, you had zero idea you’d be asking yourself this question if you’re a college football fan: Is Joey Galloway wearing pants? Yes, that is the thought many of tweeters on Twitter have about the former Ohio State Buckeyes star wideout who know calls games for ESPN.

Galloway is in the booth for the primetime telecast for an American Athletic Conference matchup between the No. 21 South Florida Bulls and the Temple Owls. To be fair, the game is in hot and humid Tampa, Florida.

Galloway did play in Raymond James Stadium more than a few times as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during his NFL playing career. We get it. He feels right at home in Tampa calling college football games.

This is clearly his response to South Florida head coach Charlie Strong buttoning up all those buttons on his dark green Bulls polo shirt. You have to take it easy in the booth, well, because that has to help you call games better, right?

Twitter is pretty sure that Galloway has either a sponsorship from Untuckit or doesn’t believe in pants in the booth. Aren’t you trying to watch South Florida quarterback Quinton Flowers lead perhaps the best Group of 5 team anyway?

This game shouldn’t be about Galloway’s pants or lack thereof, but here we are. What a time to be alive. We have to question everything every single day because that’s what we do in America.

It’s a free country, guys. You don’t have to tuck your shirt in, but you probably have to wear pants on national television. Just saying. Here is how Twitter is handling Galloway going with the untucked look.

Basically, Twitter HATES that Galloway decided to untuck his shirt. It’s Thursday night and it’s probably 1,000,000 degrees in that booth. The Bulls might beat the Owls, but this will be known as the Galloway Pants Game for the rest of time.