The $500 Lonzo Ball kicks are changing before they even release

Because even Big Ballers are allowed to change their minds once in a while.

An extraordinary amount of digital ink has been spilled on the subject of Lonzo Ball and his eyebrow-raising signature sneakers. Spurning the big show companies, LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand unveiled the ZO2 kicks with the, ahem, premium price tag of $495.

Except the shoes that early adopters ordered aren’t the ones they will be getting. As Sports Illustrated reports, the Z02 has received a pre-release redesign, utilizing different materials and a new look while keeping the same low profile. Check out the SI piece for pics of both designs.

People who pre-ordered the ZO2s and like the change can just rest easy since they will get the new shoes in November. New orders can also be placed but those won’t be fulfilled until early 2018.

As for people who would have preferred the previous design, those folks are SOL as far as getting what they originally ordered, though they will receive refunds if that’s their preference. In typical LaVar Ball fashion. he doesn’t seem too concerned that many will opt for their money back, giving ESPN a sportscar analogy to explain his thinking that doesn’t actually apply to what’s going on here.

Footwear News has an excellent roundup of social media reaction to the “remixed” sneakers, which have both supporters and detractors but seem to have more people in the latter group. One thing is certain: the news has spurred more Big Baller Brand talk at a time when it had kind of chilled out as Lonzo Ball prepares for his rookie NBA season, and that part, at least, is straight out of the LaVar Ball playbook that he runs so well.