Detroit Lions food locker bursts into flames after game (Video)

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The Detroit Lions food burst into flames after the team lost on a last-second call to the Atlanta Falcons.

When fans try to play the ‘Blame The Refs’ card, it’s usually a lazy act. But Detroit Lions fans have a reasonable gripe after officials overturned what would have been a game-winning touchdown over the Atlanta Falcons and then ran the remaining time in the game off the clock.

It resulted in a loss for the Lions, robbing them of a win that is still going to count in the minds of fans everywhere. But it still stings and can’t be something that the team allows to get inside their heads after a hot start to the year.

Apparently, matters were made worse when the Lions postgame food locker burst into flames as the team entered the locker room.

That’s one way to add insult to injury. Maybe it was just a super spicy dish that couldn’t be contained. The chef just cooked up a fire meal that was so good it had no other choice than to spontaneously combust. Maybe it just so aggressively disagreed with the call that ended the game that there would be no food for anyone.

It could also be the first fireball in what ends up being a raging inferno within the Lions that powers them from here on out. A lot of people said the Lions needed to beat the Falcons on Sunday to be taken seriously as playoff contenders, but one could argue they established that anyways.

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Going beyond the questionable ten-second runoff that screwed the Lions, if Golden Tate’s knee didn’t touch the ground than Detroit is celebrating a 3-0 start to the season and a win over the reigning NFC champions. The Lions are a phenomenal football team, and there’s decent chance that this little incident at the end of the game is something that lights a fire in the team’s belly that makes them hard to deal with from here on out.