Did John Cena retire at WWE No Mercy?

Credit: WWE (Twitter)
Credit: WWE (Twitter) /

John Cena fought a brilliant match against Roman Reigns, but lost at WWE No Mercy. But did he retire as the post-match angle made it seem?

There have been few buildups in recent WWE memory that have been as good as John Cena and Roman Reigns coming into WWE No Mercy 2017. It’s the match that many people thought the company was saving for a WrestleMania, but one that they pulled the trigger on now — much to the delight of fans.

As such, the two divisive figures among fans have been exchanging promos that have been some of the best moments of the show week-in and week-out. On Sunday, though, they finally got into the squared circle and went toe-to-toe at the pay-per-view. Lucky for the fans, the match itself was every bit as good as the promos have been.

Reigns and Cena brought it all to the ring in Los Angeles for WWE No Mercy. They pulled out everything that they had in their respective arsenals and used it. It was the perfect story for these two guys, who are often lambasted for being to much like “Superman” in how they sell and overcome in matches.

In the end, though, it was Reigns hitting a big Superman Punch and then a Spear off the ropes that ended the match. He put John Cena on his back and the ref counted 1-2-3. Many expected that result, and they got it. What was unexpected was the after-match happenings.

Following the loss, Cena got up and stood next to Reigns. While Roman looked hostile still, Big Match John was just giving him his due. He raised his opponent’s hand and had the crowd applaud him. Cena then exhaustedly collapsed in the corner while Reigns exited. When Cena got up, though, it was an odd moment.

The cameras panned around to the living legend looking at the crowd and seemingly soaking it all in. This continued all the way through his walk up the ramp, and he even stopped on the stage to do some more taking everything in. With a moment like that, it certainly makes it seem like John Cena just retired at WWE No Mercy — but did he?

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Of course not. Is he probably going to step away for a bit? That could be entirely possible. However, Cena isn’t done yet in the slightest. Though he’s older now, he can still work with the best of them and clearly still has a passion for wrestling. Thus, don’t expect Big Match John to be going anywhere for real anytime soon. If anything, just expect for him to make a “surprise return” sometime down the line.