3 videos that perfectly sum up Tennessee’s blowout loss to Georgia

KNOXVILLE, TN - SEPTEMBER 30: Justin Martin /

Tennessee had their doors blown off by Georgia on Saturday and these videos pretty much sum up how the afternoon went for the Volunteers.

Despite being the owners of a 3-1 record coming into Week 5 of the college football season, it has not been the most promising start to the season for the Tennessee Volunteers and head coach Butch Jones. They needed overtime in Week 1 to beat Georgia Tech, they were deflated by a Hail Mary loss to rival Florida, and just last week, they had to sweat out a win against… UMass.

However, they had the chance to instill some optimism on Saturday, as they welcomed in another rival in the Georgia Bulldogs to Neyland Stadium. Hey, if they could defeat the team who looks like the clear-cut favorite in the SEC East, all would be well in Knoxville and maybe even some of the calls for the head of Butch Jones would cease.

So yeah, how’d that work out for them? Well, not well at all. Tennessee was absolutely blasted at home on Saturday by the Bulldogs. It was tough to watch, especially as Tennessee fans, as the Vols struggled to do virtually anything right.

To realize just how bad of a day Tennessee had against Georgia, these videos pretty much tell the story.

Tennessee Buttfumble

Yes, you read that correctly. We had a Buttfumble in this game. It might not have been as hilarious as Mark Sanchez running into the posterior of his own center, but it was funny nonetheless.

In the first half as Tennessee was trying to keep any glimmer of hope of potentially winning this game, the Volunteers center either mishandled the ball or just forgot that Quinten Dormady wasn’t under center, because this happened…

What’s worse, this came right after Tennessee intercepted Georgia and the Volunteers were aiming to grasp any momentum they could. Yeah, that momentum went with the ball after it knocked off the center’s butt, right to Georgia who recovered the loose ball.

That’s not how a punt works, Vols

Throughout pretty much the entire second half, it was clear to everyone that this game was out of reach, and that includes Tennessee. At this point, the Volunteers were just trying to avoid further humiliation at all costs, but that would prove to be more difficult than one would think.

In the fourth quarter as the Vols were just praying time would elapse so they could just go the hell home, Trevor Daniel came out to punt the ball back to the Bulldogs. Of course, as always on punts, Daniel was looking to pin Georgia deep so they could please just keep them out of the end zone they loved so much on Saturday.

Well, you’re not gonna pin anyone, anywhere when you pin the ball on the back of one of your lineman on the punt team, that’s for damn sure.

When someone asks whether or not Tennessee struggled in all three phases of the game on Saturday, just show them this GIF.

But, nothing sums up the misery in Knoxville on Saturday better than the final video.

Vol on Vol violence

We knew that things were not well in Knoxville among the fanbase, but man, does this video ever bring it all to light. During Georgia’s whipping of Tennessee, a brawl broke out in Neyland Stadium between some Vol fans, showing the frustrations that have been mounting all season to this point. Actually, you could date the frustrations back before this year even started, but the shaky start from Tennessee has certainly put everyone at their breaking point.

And that, folks, more or less tells the tale of how things went for Tennessee on Saturday.