Dalvin Cook injury: Fire up the Adrian Peterson trade rumors

Mandatory Credit: Nick Cammett-Getty Images
Mandatory Credit: Nick Cammett-Getty Images /

Minnesota Vikings rookie Dalvin Cook suffered a non-contact injury, and fans immediately called for an Adrian Peterson trade.

Dalvin Cook, the Vikings stud rookie running back, suffered a scary non-contact injury that forced him to leave Week 4 against the Lions. Minnesota losing Cook for any amount of time is a killer to the momentum the team had been building, and the longer he’s out the worse the issue becomes.

A non-contact injury usually means an ACL tear, which would end Cook’s season. Needless to say, Vikings fans were not pleased by this and were quick to find an easy solution to their problem.

It didn’t take long for the grief of Vikings fans to turn towards calls for a reunion with Adrian Peterson.

The likelihood of a trade is probably low, but it’s easy to see why the connection can be made. Through his first four games with the Saints, Peterson has been a third wheel afterthought with hardly an effect on the offense. There were already rumblings that Peterson could be a trade candidate before the Cook injury, and that only helped stoke the coals.

Let’s say the Vikings do trade for Peterson. That doesn’t suddenly make him five years younger, which was part of the problem last year. The Vikings offensive line is better, but it’s not leaps and bounds better than the one Peterson couldn’t run behind in 2016. The reunion would be comfort food more than anything else, but maybe the Vikings need an injection like that to keep spirits high.

It’s also ironic that Vikings fans were quick to turn on Peterson when the team didn’t re-sign him in the offseason but are now clamoring for a reunion with the potential for Cook to be out for a while. The reunion likely won’t happen, especially with the Saints in a position to compete for a playoff spot, but it’s a nice thought that will make for great talk show fodder this week.