How many concussions has Luke Kuechly suffered in his career?

Unfortunately, Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly suffered yet another concussion in his amazing career on Thursday night against the Eagles.

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is without a doubt one of the best at his position of this generation, as well as one of the best overall defensive players that we’ve seen. However, as the game of football happens, so do the injuries that come with it. And Kuechly is no stranger to dealing with injuries, more specifically concussions. On Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, Kuechly felt that nightmare again.

As the second quarter of Thursday Night Football was nearing a close, Kuechly was rushing off the edge when he took a shot to the shoulder from an Eagles offensive lineman. He went down to the turf, but not in a violent manner or anything of the sort. However, he left to the sideline immediately, and from there, he was escorted to the locker room.

Not long after the second half had gotten underway, the announcement came that, yes, Kuechly had indeed suffered another concussion and was in the protocol. A concussion when it comes to Kuechly is still fresh in everyone’s minds because he had to sit out the final six games of last season after he suffered one in a game against the New Orleans Saints.

So some may be asking: Just how many concussions is this now for Kuechly in his storied professional football career? Well, with the one he suffered on Thursday night against the Eagles, that number is unfortunately up to three in the last three seasons. In addition to the one he dealt with last season that cut his year short, he also missed three games at the beginning of the 2015 season as he sat in the protocol.

Luke Kuechly is a phenomenal NFL player and hopefully he can heal up properly and return soon to wow us on the field with his defensive efforts. But the sad reality is that he, like many other NFL players in history, has his struggles with concussions.