Super Mario Odyssey receives perfect score from Edge Magazine

Screenshot for new Super Mario Odyssey trailer; image taken by Cheryl Wassenaar.
Screenshot for new Super Mario Odyssey trailer; image taken by Cheryl Wassenaar. /

The very first review has been released for Super Mario Odyssey by Edge Magazine. No surprise, but it’s a perfect score, which only intensifies the hype.

One of the most anticipated games for the latter half of 2017 is Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey. Since it was revealed in January along with all things Nintendo Switch, we’ve learned a ton about this new entry in the series. From what we’ve seen, this has the potential to be the best Mario game yet. Even if it isn’t, it’s definitely the biggest in scale and the most innovative. It may be a bold claim since Nintendo is always looking to be more creative, but it’s hard to argue against it. Edge Magazine is the first outlet to review the game. JPickford from shared a screenshot of the perfect score, that being a 10.

We don’t want to get too excited now. It’s only the first review and many, many other people have yet to play it. But, to give something a 10 out of 10 means that it’s something special. This makes us think back to the first batch of reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Almost every outlet gave it a 9.5 or higher, which brought out the naysayers fairly quickly. However, once we experienced the game first-hand, we realized they were, indeed, haters.

We’re expecting more of the same with Odyssey. There’s still so much to see, so much to learn from other critics/reviewers, and most importantly, so much to play. We’ll have to wait two more weeks to get our hands on it, but we truly can’t wait to finally play it.

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As we mentioned before, this game is extremely different from the rest. The world we’ll be playing in is a new setting for the series and it’s rich in detail. Also, our companion and one of our main gameplay tools, Cappy, will be crucial to many things we’ll be doing in the game. Despite all the new additions and changes, at its core, it’s still Mario, and that’s what matters.

Super Mario Odyssey launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 27, 2017.