Paul O’Neill thinks American League champion will win World Series


Five-time World Series champion Paul O’Neill believes the New York Yankees are built to stay.

Many expert prognosticators thought the 2017 New York Yankees would be a .500 team. Fast forward to October and the Yankees are one win away from the World Series. Yankee great and YES Yankees TV analyst Paul O’Neill sees a Yankee team ahead of schedule.

“They (Yankees) have a lot of young talent and with that comes the question marks,”O’Neill told FanSided. “Are they ready to make that next step? They have turned the corner real quick and are going to be good a while now. To believe they would be one game from the Worlds Series, is somewhat of a surprise.”

O’Neill credits veteran pitching for being a big part of the Yankees postseason success.

“Every time they need a big win, it seems like C.C. Sabathia is on the mound,” O’Neill glowed. “If you turned the clock back and watch him throw the ball by people, and compare how he pitches now, hitting corner after corner. This team would be nowhere close to where it is without C.C.”

New York remains perfect at home, 5-0, but only 1-4 on the road in the playoffs. Depending on who you talk to around the game, either home field advantage is a myth or important. Count O’Neill as someone who sees both sides, but would rather be playing at home.

“You are always comfortable playing at home,” O’Neill reflected. “If you get ahead early in a home field game and get your crowd involved, it can only help. If you are losing late in a big game though, you can almost start to feel the fans starting to press right along with you.”

The best team in baseball all year-long has been the 104-win Los Angeles Dodgers who are now 6-1 in the playoffs. O’Neill is not ready to crown the Dodgers with the World Series title just yet.

“I think they are a good team,” O’Neill remarked. “I think they have some holes and Corey Seager is a big question mark. The Dodgers have had a great year, but are they ready to make that next step? Short series are very tough and for some reason, I still have the feeling that whoever wins the American League, is going to win the World Series.”

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