How should the Raw roster respond on WWE Smackdown Live?

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The WWE Raw roster needs to respond in some form on Tuesday night to the attack by the Smackdown Live crew

Monday night during the conclusion of WWE Raw, Kurt Angle was set to announce who would be representing his men’s team in the traditional 5-on-5 elimination match at Survivor Series against whoever will be on the Smackdown Live squad. Earlier in the evening, he announced four big matchups set to take place between the two brands, and this announcement to end the show was supposed to be the next step in completing the Survivor Series card for this year.

That announcement never came, though, as Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon showed up through the crowd with a plethora of his superstars, and from there, they proceeded to decimate the Raw roster and locker room.

Shane-O-Mac and his gang definitely drew the battle lines right off the bat as the build for Survivor Series kicks into full gear, but now the Raw side has to respond to being ambushed on Monday night … right?

Hopefully, Tuesday night on Smackdown Live they will, maybe even using some of these tactics.

3. You have a beast. Use your beast.

During his verbal dismantling of WWE Champion Jinder Mahal on Monday night, Paul Heyman made it very clear that Brock Lesnar is not about allegiances to a red brand, a blue brand or any brand, for that matter. So, it’s easy to dismiss Lesnar showing up on Tuesday night to fight for the honor of Raw.

Well, that is unless you entice him and Heyman with the one thing that drives them both — money.

Yes, the way you get around The Beast Incarnate being all mushy and loyal to Raw is by making him a hired mercenary for the red side. Have Lesnar show up Tuesday night to annihilate everyone in his path. Then, next Monday, you just have Angle simply explain he felt there was no other option than to line Brock’s pockets more than they already are to send a message to Shane and Smackdown Live to never try pulling again what they did on Monday.

Now, who signed the check for Brock? We’ll get to that in a bit.