Big Ten refs make strange pass interference call against Ohio State (Video)

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 28: Quarterback Trace McSorley
COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 28: Quarterback Trace McSorley /

A controversial pass interference call kept the Ohio State Buckeyes from taking over possession against the Penn State Nittany Lions.

The Penn State Nittany Lions and Ohio State Buckeyes played the biggest game on the schedule in Week 9 on Saturday. The game had everything from Saquon Barkley touchdowns all the way down to confusing penalties. The most confusing call from the Big Ten officiating staff came on what appeared to be an interception from Damon Webb.

After Webb crossed the field to pick off the ball, a flag went flying on the field. A pass interference was called on Webb which made things all the more confusing as he appeared to just catch the ball and never made contact with Brandon Polk.

The man that the call could have been made on was Damon Arnette, who was in coverage. Even still, the contact between the receiver and defender didn’t look like anything to warrant a pass interference call, let alone on the Webb.

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It could have been a pivotal turnover for the Buckeyes. Down 11 at the time, it could have given them the momentum to go down and try and turn the game into a one-score affair that would have made things even more interesting.

Instead, the Nittany Lions got the ball a little closer to the end zone and would score on the very next play. That pushed their lead to 18 and made the uphill climb for the Buckeyes all the more difficult at home. Strange calls are nothing new to college football, but this was a different level.