NFL power rankings, Week 15: Chiefs rise, Titans fall

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 10: Tight end Travis Kelce
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 10: Tight end Travis Kelce /

The Kansas City Chiefs finally found themselves against the Oakland Raiders, while the Tennessee Titans might be looking at an ugly December.


Cleveland Browns 0-13

Last week: L, 27-21 (OT) vs. GB
Last rank: 32nd

if the Browns couldn’t win that game, they are doomed.

New York Giants 2-11

Last week: L, 30-10 vs. DAL
Last rank: 31st

The Giants played hard, but fell apart in the fourth quarter.

Indianapolis Colts 3-10

Last week: L, 13-7 (OT) at BUF
Last rank: 27th

The Colts were luckily hidden in their white uniforms by all that snow.

Houston Texans 4-9

Last week: L, 26-16 vs. SF
Last rank: 26th

Houston should fire its entire coaching staff … but it won’t.

Denver Broncos 4-9

Last week: W, 23-0 vs. NYJ
Last rank: 29th

Denver finally broke its losing streak, but far too late.

San Francisco 49ers 3-10

Last week: W, 26-16 at HOU
Last rank: 30th

Jimmy Garoppolo might turn out to be a steal for the 49ers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-9

Last week: L, 24-21 at TB
Last rank: 25th

The Buccaneers can’t stop turning the ball over, and that’s why they stink.

New York Jets 5-8

Last week: L, 23-0 at DEN
Last rank: 25th

Get ready for Bryce Petty, and the offseason.

Chicago Bears 4-9

Last week: W, 33-7 at CIN
Last rank: 28th

The Bears can run the ball and play defense. Not a bad start on 2018.

Cincinnati Bengals 5-8

Last week: L, 33-7 vs. CHI
Last rank: 19th

The Bengals can’t move on from Marvin Lewis soon enough.

Washington Redskins 5-8

Last week: L, 30-13 at LAC
Last rank: 18th

The Redskins are injury-ravaged and ready to go home.

Miami Dolphins 6-7

Last week: W, 27-20 vs. NE
Last rank: 24th

Miami stayed alive with a he win over the Patriots.

Oakland Raiders 6-7

Last week: L, 26-15 at KC
Last rank: 14th

The Raiders got plowed by the Chiefs, and they can now start making tee times.

Arizona Cardinals 6-7

Last week: W, 12-7 vs. TEN
Last rank: 23rd

Arizona won, but frankly, both teams deserved a loss.

Buffalo Bills 7-6

Last week: w, 13-7 (OT) vs. IND
Last rank: 20th

Buffalo is somehow still in the playoff race, and has two games against the Dolphins left.

Tennessee Titans 8-5

Last week: L, 12-7 at AZ
Last rank: 11th

The Titans are the worst 8-5 team in NFL history. Marcus Mariota has been rancid.

Detroit Lions 7-6

Last week: L, 24-21 at TB
Last rank: 17th

Detroit has to be thinking about how many chances it had to make the playoffs.

Green Bay Packers 7-6

Last week: W, 27-21 (OT) at CLE
Last rank: 16th

The Packers somehow won, and they now get Aaron Rodgers back.

Dallas Cowboys 7-6

Last week: W, 30-10 at NYG
Last rank: 15th

It wasn’t impressive, but the Cowboys kept faint hope alive.

Kansas City Chiefs 6-6

Last week: W, 26-15 vs. OAK
Last rank: 22nd

After proclaiming they were D.O.N.E., the Chiefs had their best effort in two months. Did they finally figure it out?

Baltimore Ravens 7-6

Last week: L, 39-38 at PIT
Last rank: 10th

The Ravens could have salted away a playoff berth, but fell short in rough fashion.

Seattle Seahawks 8-5

Last week: L, 30-24 at JAX
Last rank: 7th

Michael Bennett played the role of clown, and needs to be suspended.

Los Angeles Chargers 7-6

Last week: W, 30-13 vs. WSH
Last rank: 12th

Los Angeles won again, and now goes to Arrowhead for what’s likely all the marbles.

Atlanta Falcons 8-5

Last week: W, 20-17 vs. NO
Last rank: 13th

The Falcons overcame three interceptions, and now they are in the driver’s seat.

Philadelphia Eagles 11-2

Last week: W, 43-35, at LAR
Last rank: 4th

Without Carson Wentz, this team is good, but no longer a true contender.

Los Angeles Rams 9-4

Last week: L, 43-35 vs. PHI
Last rank: 5th

The Rams suffered a tough loss, and now have the Seahawks waiting in Seattle.

Carolina Panthers 9-4

Last week: W, 31-24 vs. MIN
Last rank: 9th

Carolina made a statement on Sunday, beating a very good Vikings team.

New Orleans Saints 9-4

Last week: L, 20-17 at ATL
Last rank: 6th

New Orleans is a terrific team, but must bounce back with the loaded NFC knocking.

Jacksonville Jaguars 9-4

Last week: W, 30-24 vs. SEA
Last rank: 8th

Jacksonville has a terrific defense. If Blake Bortles can just manage the game, look out.

Minnesota Vikings 10-3

Last week: L, 31-24 at CAR
Last rank: 2nd

The Vikings are still a very good team that just happened to lose to another good team.

New England Patriots 10-3

Last week: L, 27-20 at MIA
Last rank: 1st

Everything comes down to next week at Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Steelers 11-2

Last week: W, 39-38 vs. BAL
Last rank: 3rd

The Steelers are great offensively, but look bewildered defensively without Ryan Shazier.