Every Winter Olympic sports perfect theme song

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The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang are upon around us. For all 15 sports in these games, you knew we were going to give you unofficial theme songs.

We’re in the middle of winter in an even-numbered. So basically, it’s like 50/50 if we’re going to get the Winter Olympic Games. Turns out, a lot of really great athletes are going to be doing some amazing stuff on snow and ice we never even knew was possible. Pyeongchang, here they come.

The Olympics are always awesome because you get to cheer for not just your county, but some of the best athletes in the world. Some of these events we didn’t know existed, but that’s just part of the allure of the Olympics. While you may not be 100 percent sure what exactly curling is, you definitely want America to beat Sweden or somebody at it. It’s like basically ice shuffleboard for those that haven’t watched it before. Pretty sure it’s the best sport alive.

Well, it’s not just curling that should get you fired up for all the cool sports in the Winter Olympics. Yes, you’ve got snowboarding and skiing and skating and jumping and all sorts of other amazing things we didn’t know people could do while they simultaneously freeze. Frankly, it’s really cool to see these guys compete, as they 100 percent have ice in their veins.

I’m not really an expert in cold weather given that my hometown shuts down when there is chance of flurries. However, I’ve watched at least every Winter Olympics since Nagano in 1998 to understand what’s going on in these sort of Olympiads. Naturally, I’ve been asked to deliver us the ideal soundtrack for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Basically, here is the official unofficial song for all 15 events going on in Pyeongchang. Snow, ice and tunes, man!

Alpine Skiing: “All Downhill From Here” – New Found Glory

Pretty sure when each alpine skier is it at the gate before they descend down their mountain, they are hiding something in their eyes. You just can’t be going through motions or rent out your part in this tone. Downhill skiing is fast and furious. Basically, it’s all downhill from here once you leave that gate.

It’s only fitting that a pop punk band from Florida have the quintessential song for alpine skiing. New Found Glory’s smash hit from 2004 in “All Downhill From Here” was a big part of my teenage angst phase. No doubt, it will have a role in these winter games. Odds are, most of these olympians had a couple of New Found Glory tracks on their iPod mini in the days of their youth.

I’m not an Olympian, but Sticks and Stones and Catalyst are awesome pop punk records that definitely make everything better, especially going downhill skiing at over 50 miles per hour. Frankly, if you don’t bust it around the curve, you might find your own version of New Found Glory in the form of Olympic gold, silver and bronze.

From my memory, the best way to describe that music video is confusing, but enjoyable. That seems to encapsulate downhill skiing to some degree. Sure, you have a rough idea of what you want to do down the mountain, but all we know is that it is All Downhill From Here once you pop out of that gate.

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