Overwatch League, Week 2: Seoul Dynasty takes care of Boston Uprising to go 4-0

Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment /

It’s the top team of the Overwatch League versus a group of upstarts trying to prove themselves.

Surprising no one, the Seoul Dynasty has established itself as the team to fear in the Overwatch League. Entering week 2 of gameplay, the Dynasty already had a chance to demonstrate their continued strength with a sweep of the Florida Mayhem earlier in the week. Moving into their second map of the week, Seoul once again made some adjustments to their roster, rotating in Wekeed for the first time.

The Boston Uprising was the last thing standing between Seoul and completing the week undefeated once again. The Uprising had a mixed bag last week, losing to their East Coast rivals New York Excelsior but then recovering with a shutout of the Florida Mayhem. Would DreamKazper and the Uprising have enough to hand the Dynasty their first loss?

Map One: Junkertown

Seoul started their attack with a traditional double-sniper/Bastion composition, but ryujehong decided to switch to the Mei after firing off Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow. Boston was able to stall Seoul for a time, but tobi’s Valkyrie gave them the extra healing needed to clean out the Uprising and move to the first checkpoint. With FLETA on McCree taking out Boston’s Striker early, the Dynasty moved in. Wekeed put the period on the push by Riptiring Boston’s Mercy.

Moving into the last section of the map, Boston’s Gamsu triggered his Primal Rage, immediately stopping Seoul in their tracks and nullifying the use of a few Dynasty ultimates. However, Wekeed opened Seoul’s next engagement with a Riptire laser-focused on Boston’s Kellex. With Mercy out, the Dynasty got a clean wipe and moved forward.

But Boston was not going to let the payload go that easily. The Uprising came roaring back, getting the kills necessary and even forcing ryujehong to use a Transcendence in desperation. With many ultimates used, it was miraculous that the Dynasty were able to mount a successful next push. Despite DreamKazper taking out Wekeed’s next Riptire, Seoul found their marks and pushed the payload to the end.

Boston’s attack saw them smoothly cruising to the first checkpoint on the map. Moving into the second section of the map, the Uprising looked like they were on the verge of losing the fight. But some excellent DreamKazper Widowmaker headshots combined with smart ultimate usage allowed them to maintain control of the payload.

Even moving toward the last checkpoint, Seoul was thrown back initially thanks to a well placed Pulse Bomb from STRIKER onto Zunba. But when the Dynasty did gain some breathing room, it was for good. Subsequent Boston pushes were stopped by ryujehong and Wekeed getting early picks. Able to hang onto the payload until overtime, Seoul held strong through Boston’s last final push, denying DreamKazper the time to unleash his Dragonblade.

Map Score: Dynasty 3, Uprising 2

Match Score: Dynasty 1, Uprising 0

Map Two: Horizon Lunar Colony

Starting out on attack, Seoul elected to not go with any fancy compositions and instead went dive against Boston’s dive. After the first push lapsed unsuccessfully, Seoul’s next try was more effective, spreading Boston’s defense out too thin and taking them out a bit at a time.

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Moving onto point B, Seoul immediately committed their ultimates to the first fight. However, it was not to be, ending with FLETA’s Dragonblade getting stunned and killed by DreamKazper. The Dynasty’s next push was also staggered, with DreamKazper first catching an overextending Miro and then tobi. Finally, Seoul made a concerted push with both tank ultimates, scattering Boston and allowing Seoul to pick them off one by one. With 3:11 left in the time bank, the Dynasty took point B.

Boston stuck with the dive on their attack, and with Kalios blasting tobi away with his D.Va missiles, the Uprising created the space necessary between point A and Seoul to cap it. Moving onto point B, both teams had every single ultimate up on the board but neither team elected to use any, showing a remarkable amount of restraint. As a testament to their skill, the Dynasty was able to push the Uprising back multiple times without using many of those ults. And then when Boston came in to use theirs, Seoul denied them even a single tick on the point.

With two minutes left, DreamKazper flew in with a Dragonblade, attempting to open it up for his team. But a Valkyrie on the side of Seoul once again prevented Boston from getting any traction. With 30 seconds on the clock, Boston’s push again stalled with a FLETA Dragonblade cutting down Kellex. With nothing left in the bank and nobody close enough to the point to contest, Boston’s time ran out, giving Seoul the second win of the series.

Map Score: Dynasty 2, Uprising 1

Match Score: Dynasty 2, Uprising 0

Map Three: Oasis

Returning from halftime, the Dynasty immediately took control. After gaining the first point, Seoul never gave it up. Point two started out similarly, with Wekeed on Junkrat taking out Kellex’s Mercy very early. But Boston refused to give up, with a well-placed Graviton from Kalios giving the Uprising the advantage they needed to take the point.

Seoul used both their support ultimates in the next push, getting the point back at the very end of the engagement. With overtime on the clock, FLETA on McCree and ryujehong’s Zenyetta worked together to shut down Boston.

Map Score: Dynasty 2, Uprising 0

Match Score: Dynasty 3, Uprising 0

Map Four: Numbani

Seoul got started on attack right away on their chance to win another series with a clean sweep. Immediately, the Dynasty was able to dive onto the point, with FLETA on Pharah zoning many of the Boston players onto lower ground to make them easier targets for the rest of his team. Surprisingly, Boston got themselves composed enough to push Seoul back with an added bonus of drawing out Wekeed’s Dragonblade with no one on his team around to back him up.

But even as Boston bottled up FLETA, ryujehong on Zenyatta made the connections needed with his orbs, taking out enough of the Uprising to get the Dynasty the point. Without meeting any significant resistance, Seoul rolled on to take the next checkpoint. Thanks to a Transcendence, the Dynasty kept moving and a devastating Dragonblade from Wekeed stymied Boston’s next attempt at defense. In the end, the Uprising did end up giving in to the Dynasty’s relentless push, allowing them to finish the map.

On defense, Wekeed moved to Junkrat while FLETA elected for Widowmaker. Boston chose their usual dive and was able to jump right onto the high ground, catching Wekeed immediately. While Boston also took out Seoul’s Mercy, Seoul returned the favor, reclaiming a nearly disastrous defensive hold.

The next few Boston attacks fell flat, but as the the time ticked down into overtime, Boston suddenly found themselves out-positioning Seoul just enough to get the progress needed to take the point. As the payload moved through the second section of the map, STRIKER quickly dispatched members of the Dynasty sent to attempt to contest. And as Boston moved into the final section, DreamKazper pushed way up as Genji, able to get some quick kills to give his team even more space. But it was Zunba’s Self Destruct that wiped out three members of the Uprising, forcing them to reset.

On Boston’s final attack, DreamKazper activated his Dragonblade. With nobody within range, DreamKazper’s ultimate fell flat. Meanwhile, FLETA on McCree got the kills the Dynasty needed to definitively close out the Uprising’s miracle push. While it was a contest, Seoul earned themselves another clean sweep.

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Map Score: Dynasty 3, Uprising 2

Final Match Score: Dynasty 4, Uprising 0

Player of the Match: Miro, Seoul Dynasty