DeSean Jackson shaded the hell out of Chip Kelly after Eagles Super Bowl win

DeSean Jackson doesn’t have anything nice to say about Chip Kelly potentially robbing him of Super Bowl glory.

As the Philadelphia Eagles dance through the locker room in Minneapolis, freshly minted Super Bowl Champions, DeSean Jackson is at home. He might have been had Chip Kelly not released him back in 2014 for very shady reasons.

It was never really made public the exact reason why Jackson was cut, but no one remembers it as being a just one. Needless to say, Jackson is in Tampa Bay now after a pitstop in Washington and has to watch his former team celebrate a world championship.

Jackson has never been one to mince words, and he is seemingly taken aim at Kelly in one last fit of rage. There’s a chance the Eagles would have cut Jackson before this Super Bowl run but Kelly left nothing to the imagination by doing it the first chance he got.

He hasn’t forgotten, and the Eagles celebrating a Super Bowl without him clearly sticks in his side. Jackson took to Instagram to take a final parting shot at Kelly now that the Eagles are Super Bowl champions.

Credit: DeSean Jackson/Instagram

It’s not like Jackson is retired, so there’s a chance he plays in and wins a Super Bowl before his career is over. Jameis Winston is one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, and if he can develop into a true franchise superstar, then Jackson will be in business.

For now, though, he’s sitting at home while his former team celebrates its first championship since 1960. Blaming Chip Kelly might help — and be the right thing to do — but it won’t get Jackson any closer to celebrating a title himself.

It’s still amusing to know just how far reaching those Chip Kelly ripples continue to be, even if the team he deconstructed ended up winning a Super Bowl championship.

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