NBA Trade Deadline 2018: 5 big trades the Thunder would have to consider

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With Andre Roberson going down for the season, the Oklahoma City Thunder are secretly in desperation mode. Despite boasting three all-stars, Melo, Brodie and PG-13 legitimately need help.

Sitting at the fifth seed, the Thunder are all but comfortable. To say the least, the Thunder have player inconsistent at best. Yes, competition is stiff out West. On the other hand, the Thunder underachieved to being the season with one of the most start-studded starting lineups in the NBA. There is an answer for the lack of production — the bench.

Although the team has been hot lately, Andre Roberson’s injury last month will have a greater effect on the franchise. Roberson offered solid defense and and experienced depth. After that, things get thin on the bench pretty quickly. If Oklahoma City is really going to challenge the Warriors or Rockets, they need some help. Here are are few deals that could provide it.

5. Grizzlies and Thunder do business at the deadline?

Out of the entire NBA, the Grizzlies are experiencing one of the most disappointing seasons. With Mike Conley Jr. injured and Marc Gasol struggling, David Fizdale was fired at the end of November after Memphis started the season 7-12. But there are hungry and useful players on the roster.

Ben McLemore has not exactly lived up to expectations in his pro career. He was heavily touted at the University of Kansas and posted average numbers while with the Sacramento Kings. He could use a change of scenery and Oklahoma City is as inviting as ever.

James Ennis III and McLemore would be a paradise package deal for OKC. The Thunder would receive two players with little playoff experience, but plenty of talent to carry them deep into the west. Injuries have posed problems for both players, who are in their mid-to-late twenties. But together they offer depth, shooting, athleticism and physical defense (mostly Ennis).

Memphis is aging, which is why the players offered may not be the best fit for a team not meeting expectations. At this point, the Thunder are willing to experiment. Of course, the starting lineup is solid. We have all seen this team’s weakness before. If OKC can acquire hungry players, it will help with a deep playoff run.