5 best NBA Draft prospects in the NCAA Tournament

NORMAN, OK - MARCH 2: Trae Young
NORMAN, OK - MARCH 2: Trae Young /
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If you are a NBA fan, the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament is a great opportunity to get introduced to some of the players that will make up the next generation of NBA stars.

Every year, basketball fans are given a treat during the month of March as college programs across the country close out the regular season, advance into their respective conference tournaments, and await hearing their school name called as a selection for the NCAA college basketball tournament. Whether you’ve been watching every game throughout the season or are just now learning about the college game this year to prepare for your work bracket challenge, this is an exciting time of the year to be a basketball fan.

Who are some of the players to watch from the perspective of a NBA fan? The top draft prospects this year are big men that can do more than just dunk – they have developed their game in a time where big men are being given more freedom to operate on the perimeter. They have shown development throughout the year in learning how to defend the paint, while also adapting to modern offenses and learning how to guard opponents out at the 3-point line. Few college players this season have been more exciting to watch on defense than the first player on this list of the five best NBA draft prospects in the NCAA tournament.