2018 NBA Mock Draft: Enter the madness

EAST LANSING, MI - FEBRUARY 20: Miles Bridges /
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. F. Cedevita. Dzanan Musa. 18. player. 100

Musa is the type of instant offense player you need next to Myles Turner and Victor Oladipo, two budding stars who play both ends.

It’s not typical for a star to excel on both ends the way Oladipo does. In his first season with the Pacers, Oladipo is one of just ten players to contribute three win shares on both offense and defense. He is joined on that list by the likes of Paul George and James Harden, two other guards who offer offensive spacing and defensive aggressiveness.

Musa has cooled off after 24 points at the end of January, but he is a consistent volume shooter, someone who will shoot four or five 3s every night and stay aggressive in spite of his misses. Oladipo is special because he can play both on and off the ball, so a versatile scorer like Musa (who can do the same) is a potentially interesting match with Indiana’s new star.

Scouts won’t be mistaken by the fact that Musa is outside the big-time tournaments in the U.S. (NCAA March Madness) and Europe (EuroLeague). He is a dynamite scorer who has been consistent all year.