Power outages delay second half of Michigan vs. Montana game

WICHITA, KS - MARCH 15: Moritz Wagner
WICHITA, KS - MARCH 15: Moritz Wagner /

The second half of the First Round Michigan vs. Montana game was also immediately delayed by power outages at the scorer’s table and with the shot clock.

Around the 16-minute mark of the second half of the Michigan vs. Montana game, the arena in Wichita lost power and the first round match came to a screeching halt. One might say a very brief Michigan scoring run (a Mo Wagner dunk, a Charles Matthew layup, a Zavier Simpson 3) shot the lights out.

According to the broadcast crew, who proceeded to kill time by talking about running to Costco for batteries and mentioning the blackout at the Super Bowl about 100 times, there was a blown electrical relay someplace that caused the front panel to lose power, creating a brief outage at the scorer’s table and on some shot clocks.

After a brief delay, during which time the arena staff presumably turned it off and turned it back on again, the game continued. Michigan, who struggled mightily in the first half and didn’t score for the first five minutes, was in a rhythm before the power outage. After 10 days off that clearly showed, the Wolverines certainly didn’t need any more rest but nonetheless, they got it in this late night match-up.

The score was 30-38 to Michigan when the power went out, and 30-40 to Michigan approximately five minutes later. The final score was 61-47 and the second was not exactly inspiring, even putting multiple babies and small children to sleep.

Guess the arena never really got the energy back after all.

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