Is The Flash new tonight, March 20?

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We let you know if you need to be tuned in or have your DVR set for a brand new episode of The Flash this week.

Wasn’t last week’s episode of The Flash a fun change of pace? The overall season-long arc of the bus metas continued with the introduction of one of the remaining three, a man who could swap super powers from one person to another by changing their DNA or some such pseudo-science. He even ended the night by becoming a potential ally to Team Flash, someone who might help them take down the Thinker, who got to take the week off.

But wait! That wasn’t even the most fun part. That would have been the chance to see Iris West-Allen suit up as her own take on the Flash — a result of the aforementioned bus meta’s power swapping — complete with her own Cisco-designed suit and cool purple lightning. She gave the speed back to Barry Allen at the end of the episode, but it was enjoyable while it lasted.

That leaves two bus metas unaccounted for, but we won’t be checking in on them this week. That’s because The Flash is on another short, beginning of the spring hiatus, and will be on repeats for several weeks. Tonight, the series will go back to episode 14, “Subject 9,” and see the brief but emotional debut of the Fiddler.

So you can definitely watch that episode again, or you can spend some time checking out our exclusive DC All Access interview clip with the woman who brings Iris to life, Candice Patton. Hearing her talk about what it meant to suit up is pretty awesome for any fan of The Flash. Or do them both.

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The Flash season 4 returns with new episodes on April 10, the first of which is directed by Kevin Smith.