Odell Beckham, Rams rumors are heating up


The New York Giants have openly said star receiver Odell Beckham is not untouchable as far as a trade goes, and the Los Angeles Rams got the message.

The saga around Odell Beckham just got a whole lot more interesting on Monday. There are rumors that the Los Angeles Rams are pursuing Beckham in a potential trade, as reported by Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News.

Needless to say, this would be a massive shakeup for both teams. The Giants would be signaling that they may not be in position to compete in the 2018 season. Sure, they would get a hefty return for one of the best players in the NFL. Still, it wouldn’t make sense for them to trade Beckham if they’re gearing up for a reload or a full-blown rebuilding process. Beckham wants a new contract and the Giants may not be willing to give him the money he wants to keep him in New York.

For the Rams, this would continue their very aggressive offseason if they pulled this one off. They already brought in two elite cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters in trades. They clearly want more than just making the playoffs after they lost to the Atlanta Falcons. They did lose receiver Sammy Watkins in free agency, but there is no doubt that Beckham would be a massive upgrade.

The NFC West is probably hoping this trade doesn’t actually come to fruition. Putting Beckham into an offense that already includes All-Pro running back Todd Gurley, a young up and coming quarterback in Jared Goff and offensive minded head coach Sean McCoy on the sidelines would be a dynamite attack. Beckham would obviously slide into the number one receiver role while Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp would be two and three on the depth chart.

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It’s fairly rare to see big time trades such as this when it’s including a star the magnitude of Beckham. If Los Angeles actually manages to make this deal, they could turn into a Super Bowl favorite while the New York Giants would be facing an uncertain future with an aging quarterback.