Kris Bryant goes deliciously undercover as pizza delivery man (Video)

LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 17: Kris Bryant
LAS VEGAS, NV - MARCH 17: Kris Bryant /

Chicago Cubs superstar Kris Bryant showed a lighter side of himself, with this hysterical prank he pulled on some lucky fantasy baseball players.

Fantasy sports has become as American as apple pie. It’s engraved in our sports-loving culture and makes the viewing experience that much more exciting. Chicago Cubs’ third baseman Kris Bryant decided to join in on the action.

Now, it’s definitely frowned up for athletes to get involved in fantasy sports and gambling too for that matter, just ask Pete Rose, but Kris Bryant came up with a new and exciting way to get in on the fantasy sports action.

He decided to dress up in disguise as a pizza delivery man and crash some fantasy baseball drafts. Once he was drafted by someone at the party, he exposed himself which led to some hilarious content that was caught on video.

When Bryant entered the room initially no one seemed to care about the pizza. The focus was on the draft and who they would be selecting. Once people start talking about his name for who they’re selecting he begins to chime in.

Bryant, in disguise, talking himself up as the guys discuss whether or not he’s a good pick at that spot is laugh out loud funny stuff. Ultimately, when he reveals his true identity the place erupts.

This is the third year in a row that Bryant has teamed up with Red Bull to prank fans. It certainly shows off the 25-year-olds good sense of humor and creativeness. Although, the only thing I wasn’t buying was his “business” selling both pizza and wings.

I don’t know what goes down in Chicago but speaking from a New Yorkers perspective you have your pizza joints and your wing place and you don’t mix the two. We’re very particular about our pizza and take it very seriously.

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Nonetheless whoever selected Kris Bryant not only received a memorable day with their guy but they also got a solid pick up fantasy wise. The guy slashed .295/.409/.537 with 29 homers and 73 runs driven in. He’s certainly a guy you would want on your fantasy baseball team.