Preferred NBA playoff matchups, and other things you can’t control

SAN ANTONIO, TX - MARCH 21: LaMarcus Aldridge
SAN ANTONIO, TX - MARCH 21: LaMarcus Aldridge /

With multiple players sidelined with random injuries, it’s time to start angling your team for the perfect first-round matchup (I’m talking to those of you involved in the high-level decision making for an NBA franchise or guiding the hands of fate). Or if you have realized everything in this life is either predetermined or the result of dumb luck, just let the remainder of the season wash over you as zen as you can be.

On the latest episode of Fastbreak Breakfast we which teams could find their postseason a bit more favorable because of the opponents who may be missing. We also try and figure out who the most attractive NBA player is. So

A non-comprehensive list of subjects discussed:

  • Can we draw any conclusions or inspirations from the unexpected and sudden return of Markelle Fultz?
  • Speaking of Philadelphia, is it still fair to criticize The Process or is the upward trajectory and excitement enough validation already?
  • I don’t care that it was a “meaningless” game, how in the world did Trey Burke get 42 points and 12 assists against Charlotte? Who will he ravage next?
  • The perfect (okay it’s a bit of a stretch) player comparison for Lonzo Ball
  • An explanation for how losing a game by 61 points only makes you stronger

Plus, Jon reveals the backstory of the mysterious Blazer Boi.

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