George Springer trolled Adrian Beltre before hitting an Opening Day home run

ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 08: George Springer
ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 08: George Springer /

George Springer hit an Opening Day home run in his first at-bat but made sure to troll Adrian Beltre first.

After winning the World Series last year, the stars seem aligned again for a potential back-to-back for the Houston Astros. A poster boy for the Astros run to a title was George Springer, who graced the cover of Sports Illustrated a few years ago in an issue proclaiming Houston the 2017 champions.

When that prophecy came to fruition, it was easier than ever to market Springer as a face of the game. It has helped shine a light on how much fun baseball can be when someone who enjoys the game is playing.

That’s Springer, who hit an Opening Day home run for the second straight year — and we all know how his season ended after that. Springer is the first player to hit Opening Day home runs in consecutive seasons — but there’s more.

Before stepping into the box and tattooing a moon shot for the Astros, Springer trolled Rangers third baseman

We have 161 more games to go this season, and not all of them will mean something. Things like this make baseball fun, and it’s something we should probably see more of. For too long, the game has been categorized as being too boring to watch. It’s not as flashy as the NBA or as concentrated in popularity like the NFL.

Still, baseball can be fun and it’s too often that we forget this. Someone like Springer being a vessel for this sort of fun means only good things for the sport.

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It could also help Beltre better pick and choose his meals, to avoid future trolling.