The Brow is dead, long live … The Brows?

HOUSTON, TX - MARCH 24: Anthony Davis
HOUSTON, TX - MARCH 24: Anthony Davis /

Anthony Davis, also known as “The Brow,” (possibly) shaved his iconic unibrow on Saturday in a video posted to Twitter.

Anthony Davis has been a dominant force in the NBA more or less since he was drafted back in 2012, but despite his extensive on-court achievements, he’s perhaps best known for his iconic unibrow, which has earned him the nickname “The Brow.”

On Saturday, Davis did the unthinkable, or at least pretended to do the unthinkable, shaving The Brow in two on a video posted to Twitter. How this impacts his performances remains to be seen, but it’s certainly going to divide opinion among his fans.

Davis has been phenomenal for the Pelicans this season, averaging 28 points and 11 rebounds while leading his team to the cusp of the playoffs following a season-ending injury to teammate DeMarcus Cousins.

With so much on the line as the NBA season enters its final weeks, and with athletes notoriously susceptible to superstition, it’s remarkable (or, you know, something else) that he decided to shave his most iconic facial feature based on the result of a Twitter poll.

Not only that, but the pro-shave group had a tiny majority of only 51 percent. Given only a little over 600,000 of his million-plus followers voted, that seems like grounds for a recount. Davis, it seems, believes in eyebrow democracy.

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Some questioned whether the video was a hoax, and there was some suspicious camera-dropping, but it seems for now the The Brow is gone. The Brow is dead, long live … The Brows? Yeah, doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Here’s hoping it’s an April Fool’s prank.