Donte DiVincenzo left Michigan fans absolutely shook

SAN ANTONIO, TX - APRIL 02: Donte DiVincenzo
SAN ANTONIO, TX - APRIL 02: Donte DiVincenzo /

Michigan fans were left shaken by Villanova sixth man Donte DiVincenzo, who outscored the entire team in first half.

If you know a Michigan fan, hold them tight. Like some sort of recurring nightmare, Wolverine fans seem damned to suffer the same fate over and over again in agonizing fashion.

While the world was expecting one of Villanova’s future NBA stars to dagger Michigan in the National Championship Game, the biggest pest ended up being Donte DiVincenzo. The Wildcats reserve guard went bananas during the first half, outscoring the entire Michigan team down the stretch.

Of course, this brought back some pretty painful (and still fresh) memories for Wolverines fans. Back in 2013, Michigan was scorched by Luke Hancock as Louisville won the National Championship. Much like DiVincenzo, Hancock was a reserve player who proved to be a secret weapon that emerged at the right time.

Michigan fans all had the same ‘Nam flashback:

In case you didn’t see the infamous Luke Hancock game, here’s a trip down memory lane:

Michigan was an underdog in that game as well, one that it probably should have won. Hancock was the secret sauce that Louisville needed, and DiVincenzo seems to be the same nightmare with a new face.

Hopefully, for Nova fans, that’s where the comparisons end. As we all know now, Louisville was neck deep in NCAA violations at the time and have since had the title vacated. So, technically, Michigan fans have nothing to be upset about because you can’t lose a game the other team never officially won.