WWE WrestleMania: What every main event should have been

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WrestleMania 21

Actual main event: Triple H vs. Batista

What the main event should have been: Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

WrestleMania 21 was a bit of a changing of the guard. A new generation of stars was on the horizon with both John Cena and Batista winning their first-ever world titles on that night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Cena ended the 280-day reign of JBL and went on to hold the WWE Championship for 280 days of his own … and then had another 15 world title reigns after that.

As for Batista, he ended the World Heavyweight Championship reign of Triple H in a battle of former Evolution stablemates, but neither match was really noteworthy. Sure, the booking decisions were correct, but there was no real drama and nothing spectacular at all. What I would have done is take the title off of either JBL or Triple H and put it on Kurt Angle. JBL never felt like a world champ (to me, anyway), and the Triple H-Batista program didn’t need a belt.

So we’ve got the title on Kurt Angle, and not that they needed a belt to make this thing work, but closing WrestleMania 21 with Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels would have been amazing. I remember when this match was put together and how excited I was to see these two go at it at the biggest show of the year. HBK and Angle are easily two of the best in-ring performers in WWE history, and putting them on last should have been the call. Their match was the longest of the night and easily the best of the night. That says main event to me.