WWE WrestleMania: What every main event should have been

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WrestleMania 32

Actual main event: Roman Reigns vs. Triple H

What the main event should have been: Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

WrestleMania 32 in Dallas was the biggest and longest show in the event’s history as 101,763 people in attendance and those watching on the WWE Network sat through a two-hour kickoff show and five hours of the main card, seven hours of programming that really didn’t feature anything spectacular.

The Zack Ryder moment was pretty cool but the match wasn’t great. Jericho and Styles was good but the booking didn’t make much sense. The legends couldn’t make up for a lackluster match with The New Day and The League of Nations. Lensar and Ambrose was a waste. The Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon match went on way too long, and the battle royal was won by an NXT guy. Okay, there was some sizzle and flair, including that “match” with The Rock and the Cena stuff afterward, but it was a lot of style with little substance.

As for the main event, Triple H should have been nowhere near it and should not have been WWE Champion. But if you want to do that, keep it out of the main event. The match between Trips and Roman Reigns was not particularly good and the outcome was never in doubt. As for what should have happened, I think WWE had a chance to do something here and missed it. The women’s revolution was in full swing, and with the debut of the new WWE Women’s Championship, this was the chance to put the women in the main event — and they didn’t do it. Yes, it would have been a gamble, but if they were going to put them in the center of a lot of the promotional materials and in the center of the picture outside the stadium, give them the spotlight.

You had Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, three women who had proved they belonged in this match and they could have handled that moment. You know how I know that? They had the best match of the night anyway.