Tim Tebow crushes three-run homer in first at-bat for Rumble Ponies (Video)

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - MARCH 7: Tim Tebow /

Tim Tebow proves to everyone right off the bat that he is cut out for baseball.

There have been whispers out there as to why the New York Mets would want to take a chance on Tim Tebow.

Well, after witnessing his first at-bat in his Double-A debut with the Rumble Ponies, he has (hopefully) put all of those doubters to rest.

If you haven’t heard, Tebow is playing minor league baseball for the Mets, and he’s currently proving his skills on the diamond in Binghamton, New York, home to the Mets’ Double-A affiliate, the Rumble Ponies.

What a name, right?

Anyway, Tebow coming to the Rumble Ponies was a huge deal in Binghamton, a town known for snow and not much else — so you know that this was an affair that any Rumble Ponies fan could not miss.

Their opponent was the Portland Sea Dogs (what is up with these nicknames?), and it was the day when Tebow would make his Double-A league debut and show the baseball world that it was, indeed, ready for Tebow Time.

Batting seventh in the lineup, Tebow stepped to the plate with the Rumble Ponies leading 2-0 in the bottom of the second inning. Tebow didn’t look like a scared rookie in front of a sizeable crowd at NYSEG Stadium.

Instead, he had the eyes of Babe Ruth, looking at the pitcher as if he was the devil in Sea Dogs clothing, ready to smite him back to the shallow oceans he came from. The end result was a three-run homer that made the score 5-0, which quickly went viral on Twitter:

Granted, this was probably the first time the Rumble Ponies had anything go viral, so it was nice to see the Tebow get his moment under the gray skies of upstate New York.

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If Tebow can keep this up, it will, indeed, be Tebow Time in the big leagues.