2018 NBA Mock Draft: The summer is decision time

BOISE, ID - MARCH 15: Deandre Ayton
BOISE, ID - MARCH 15: Deandre Ayton /
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De'Anthony Melton. 14. player. 73. . G. USC

I mentioned last week that ESPN draft writer Mike Schmitz spent time with Melton recently, watching an exclusive workout as Melton prepares for the draft. Schmitz’s piece came out this week, and it provided a closer look at the work Melton has put in since he last played in the second round of last year’s NCAA tournament.

The rub with Melton is his whether his versatility is a tool or an impediment to growth. From Schmitz: “Melton is a bit of an enigma for NBA scouts. Some view him as an instinctual utility guard who can fit seamlessly next to stars, and others see him as an offensively limited prospect. The truth likely lies somewhere in between.”

That little bit of reporting goes a long way, as it can help us understand what type of team might be more willing to go after the combo guard, who also showed off a much-improved jumper in the clips Schmitz captured.

Denver during Nikola Jokic’s career has chosen not to put a traditional point guard on the floor, running the offense through Jokic, Gary Harris and Jamal Murray with an egalitarian style. Melton could slide in and move those two down a position, defending point guards and flowing into the offense perfectly.

It wouldn’t work for every team, but Denver makes a good deal of sense.