30 biggest answers for the 2017-18 NBA season

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16. Which team is the most unwatchable?

What I Said Then: No team in the West is unwatchable.

I’ll say the Bulls will be the most unwatchable team because there are better sports to watch in Chicago.

What I’m Saying Now: Ho boy was I wrong on this. But would could have predicted that the Blackhawks would be so bad?

The Memphis Grizzlies were absolutely unwatchable this season. You can argue the the Kings and Suns were unwatchable as well, but who didn’t love watching Vince Carter perhaps one last time? And I have a special place in my heart of Devin Booker.

But the Grizzlies. My God. It wasn’t all their fault. The injury to Mike Conley changed the entire dynamic of their team. Conley and Marc Gasol kept that team afloat for many years and without him, they have no perimeter scoring. Tyreke Evans stepped up and ended up being that guy, but the Grizzlies spent the mid-season jerking him around in trade rumors rather than committing to him or trading him.

And Gasol was in the middle of it all. He looked lost without his best friend, he became frustrated as the losses mounted, and he pushed David Fizdale out. The Grizzlies became lovable losers who most rooted for and just became losers.

The Bulls weren’t very good all season, but they had some talent and young players who inspired hope in fans. Here’s the lineup the Grizzlies trotted out in the final game of the season: Ivan Rabb, Dillon Brooks, Deyonta Davis, Kobi Simmons, and Ben McLemore.

Data took that and spit out, “Can not compute.”