30 biggest answers for the 2017-18 NBA season

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2. How annoying will the 2018 free agent talk get?

What I Said Then: The NBA season is long. 82 games, to be exact. Around game 57, we start to get a little bored. The freshness has worn off, you figure out who is going to finish where, and you’re ready for the playoffs to start. That’s when you start to looking for other things to talk about. The playoffs are less fun to talk about because Warriors. So, you start talking about LeBron teaming up with George, Paul, and Cousins in Los Angeles. Or you start talking about team Banana Boat heading to Miami. Or you talk yourself into thinking Aldridge can be the second best player on a championship team.

What I’m Saying Now: For those keeping track, it was exactly game 59.5 when the free agency talk started. I came to this number by taking when LeBron James was in Los Angeles (game 66) and when Paul George was in Los Angeles (game 53) and coming to the median. If I had the foresight to think of this back in October, I would have predicted game 59.5. But I threw out the number 57, still turned out to be right, and should be heralded as a genius.

The free agency talk was just as annoying as I had feared prior to the season. Granted, as a Thunder fan, I probably heard the talk more than anyone not living in Cleveland. George’s future was a point of discussion all season and will continue to be discussed heading into the playoff. But LeBron’s future was plastered on three billboards outside of every city with a NBA team.

The Chris Paul chatter was silenced when we all realized that he and James Harden should never leave each other. Carmelo Anthony became washed before our very eyes and we know he’s not leaving $27 million on the table to play elsewhere. And Kevin Durant is going to re-sign with the Warriors for a couple of McDonald’s gift cards.

But if you followed the LeBron and George sagas, we are currently holding FAA meetings every Monday at the local Bojangles. Fans of every team are welcome. Except you, Lakers fans. We don’t want you to be involved in any tampering.