Here’s when the 2018 NFL schedule is coming out, and how you can watch it revealed

Though it’s been known this year’s slate of NFL games would be revealed sometime this month, the exact date and time has arrived — the reveal of the reveal, if you will.

Here’s how you know a sport is popular: when people start getting all in a tizzy about the schedule just being announced. The 2018 NFL schedule is on the way, and now we know exactly when it’s coming.

The schedule release window has long been “late April,” but thanks to NFL Network, the exact 2018 NFL schedule release date and time is now public info.

You’ll be able to watch it, appropriately enough, on NFL Network, Thursday, April 19 at 8:00 p.m. ET:

As some of the commenters on that tweet note, it’s very likely that paying attention to social media will allow you to get the jump on some parts of the “official” release. Already, fans have seen leaks hint at things like the Eagles and Viking playing on opening night, and the Chiefs and Rams tangling on Monday Night Football in Mexico. We’ll see if those rumors pan out on Thursday.

Because the NFL uses readily available rules to set the schedule for the following season regarding which teams each franchise faces, the list of opponents is no mystery. Rather, the drama in the NFL schedule release comes in seeing when each game takes place, how many times each team is scheduled to lay in prime time and how soon rivals get to square off.

All of those things will be talking points around every NFL fanbase before the end of the week. Be sure to head back here to for full coverage of the NFL schedule release, including reaction to the Thursday and Sunday night slates and much more.