2018 NBA Mock Draft: What do playoff teams need?

DALLAS, TX - MARCH 15: Lonnie Walker IV
DALLAS, TX - MARCH 15: Lonnie Walker IV /
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Oregon. Troy Brown. 12. player. 77. . G

It’s tough to completely project Brown’s NBA future after just 1,000 college minutes in which Brown fluctuated from ball-handler to spot-up shooter to decoy. He wasn’t at Oregon what he will be in the NBA.

The reason Brown remains so high for me is that I believe his shot creation skills are further along than other secondary ball-handler prospects in this class. He has a smoothness and feel for the game that are uncommon for players as young as he is. We saw as MiKyle McIntosh become more comfortable in his lead scoring role later in the season against Pac-12 competition that Brown knows how create shots for his teammates. Whether it’s in the post or on a drive, Brown looks to pass and has a knack for the timing to beat rotating defenses.

According to Hoop-Math, Brown made 63 percent of his shots at the rim, but just 29 percent of his 3s and 35 percent of his 2-point jumpers. Early in his career, focusing on his defensive advantages and attacking the rim as somewhat of a bigger Dejounte Murray could help him provide value to the Clippers’ rebuild.

Brown is a young player and so somewhat of a project, but worth the potential ceiling at this point in the draft.