The 5 reasons why you suck at Fortnite (and how to suck less)

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2. You can’t build

This is every single player’s initial problem when they first start playing. Building is easy once you get the hang of it, but it seems complicated so we decide we will figure it out later. Making that decision will come back to haunt you.

We’ve all been in this situation: You hear gunfire nearby, then you take a hit. Damn it! You go to throw a wall up but you end up making yourself a nice dance floor to die on. Building is to Fortnite what proper nutrition is to bodybuilding. All the heavy lifting you do won’t get you anywhere without the right base.

If you’ve ever come across a “John Wick” skin in the game, you know how important quick building can be. You fire a single bullet at the back of an unknowing John Wick and he instantly has a castle mounted in front of you. Good luck.

The ability to build quickly is a massive plus for your game, but if you just can’t get the controls down, Fortnite has introduced “port-a-fort,” a pop-up tent version of a base. Carry these as often as you can find them.

How to fix this:

Learn how to build! Immediately! Pick a build design you like and practice building it. Most players like the “four-walls-and-a-ramp” hut if they are in need of timely protection. Every player should be able to put one of these up in seconds. If you are new to the game, practice with the building controls before you get into a firefight. If nothing else, make sure you have your building controls set to walls and not floors.