Yankees fans are not amused with Sonny Gray’s ineptitude

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 20: Sonny Gray
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 20: Sonny Gray /

Sonny Gray is off to a nightmare start for the Yankees

When the New York Yankees made the deal to acquire Sonny Gray last season, they thought they’d acquired a front line starter. Unfortunately, his start to the 2018 campaign has made him look like a complete joke to the Yankees fanbase around the globe.

Tonight, Gray’s ERA ballooned all the way to 8.27 after failing to make it out of the fourth inning against the Blue Jays. It’s safe to say that Yankees fans will not be reserving Gray a spot in Monument Park anytime soon.

Some fans are upset with the price the Yankees paid to acquire Gray last season.

Other Yankee fans have elected to try to help Gray get through his problems. Perhaps Brian Cashman will enlist some of them in the club’s front office.

No matter what Yankee fans think about the source of Gray’s problems, there can be no doubt how they feel about watching him when he steps onto the mound.

After tonight’s horrid start it’s unclear whether Gray needs a pitching coach or a psychologist more. If he doesn’t turn his season around quickly things are going to get even uglier in the Bronx.