Blue Jackets’ Matt Calvert did not appreciate Torts comparing him to a toilet seat

COLUMBUS, OH - APRIL 17: Matt Calvert
COLUMBUS, OH - APRIL 17: Matt Calvert /

The Columbus Blue Jackets were eliminated from the NHL playoffs on Monday by the Washington Capitals. Afterward, head coach John Tortorella had some good things to say about forward Matt Calvert. Also, he compared him to a toilet seat.

Left winger Matt Calvert didn’t have an incredible run for the Columbus Blue Jackets in these playoffs. It wasn’t all bad, though. Statistically, he had four points, while three of them were goals. Those numbers would average to be above his regular season, where he popped nine goals in 69 games with 10 points.

If head coach John Tortorella has any say in it, though, Calvert was pretty crappy.

In fact, according to Torts, he was a toilet seat. Now, certainly, Tortorella didn’t offer all straight jabs at Calvert. He did give praise in the form of telling reporters that Calvert is, indeed, a male and has the necessary parts to prove it.

Calvert was having none of that though. He fired back with this gem:

Ouch. Really, when someone calls you a toilet seat, there’s not much else to do but shoot back with a bold retort. And we can’t think of much else to come back with anyway after having been called something so bizarre.

The initial statement by Torts was in conjunction with Calvert’s up-and-down play. The conversation could have gone differently, maybe in the way of, “Calvert was great at times, though sometimes he made a few mistakes.”

Nah, dude is a straight toilet seat. It’s apt to note that Calvert is an unrestricted free agent now, so who knows if he’s played his final game with Columbus. After comments like that, it’s likely. It’s just as likely that fans bring some fairly creative signs next year when he makes an appearance. We can’t wait.

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