Definitive ranking of the blue bloods in college football

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 08: Tua Tagovailoa
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 08: Tua Tagovailoa /
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The college football landscape is filled with proud traditions and plenty of history. Here is a definitive ranking of the blue blood programs.

What separates college football from any other sport is history and tradition. Those things fuel rivalries and the passion that people have for their team. Of course, the rivalries and passion all began with the top programs.

The “Blue Bloods” of college football that helped shape the landscape of the sports. The programs with millions of fans worldwide that see a traveling audience overtake the stadium of other programs on a weekly basis.

So what is a “Blue Blood”? These are the programs that have been around for over a century or close to it. They have won national championships, have had Heisman winners, All-Americans and when you see the logo you immediately think of their football program.

Their logo is recognized worldwide and draws upon the history and achievements that they have collected over the years. The coaches and the players have helped make these programs what they are.

Of course, there are some post-80s blue bloods as well. Programs that really burst onto the scene over the last 30 years that have won multiple championships and have had the best in-state recruits. These are programs that had legendary head coaches shape their future. With a strong criteria backing the term, these are the top “blue blood” programs in college football.