Fortnite Comet Watch: Epic Games adds fuel to conspiracy fires

Image credit: Epic Games/Pierce Morgan (via YouTube)
Image credit: Epic Games/Pierce Morgan (via YouTube) /

Epic Games continues to rattle the cages of it’s growing number of comet/meteor conspiracy theorists. Here’s an update on what we know so far.

UPDATE: It’s happening, fam! Well, part of it anyway. The comets/meteors are starting to hit, though nothing looks to be destroyed just yet.

We’ll keep you posted. Our original post follows.

The talk of the Fortnite community lately has been predominantly focused on one big, imminent, floating object in the sky. Call it a comet, a meteor or an “Epic” prank to build buzz for the game, but one thing is for sure: Epic Games hears your theories and they are adding fuel to the fire every opportunity they get.

Update 3.6 was released early Tuesday morning, with it a handful of fixes and a new “clinger” (sticky) grenade. Some key points in the patch notes include a decrease in remote explosives, some port-a-fort adjustments and a 10 percent increase in minigun accuracy (presumably from the 0 percent it was sitting at).

One item that was not in the patch notes has drawn the attention of comet truthers across the Fortnite community.  A living room setting popped up on top of one of the Tilted Tower buildings in the recent update.

On the rooftop, you can see several signs. There appears to be one with a comet, one with a heart around the Tilted Tower area and one with the word “today” scratched off and “tomorrow” written underneath it.

Given that Tilted is still standing at this moment, the “tomorrow” sign is likely a troll job to all of the players who have been predicting the comet’s landing on the first of April, then on the 18th, now on the 30th at the season’s end.

The fourth sign on the rooftop shows what seems to be a UFO surrounded by a heart. Perhaps some aliens swoop in and land at Tilted Towers? Or, is the comet/meteor actually a UFO? Twitter users (who are never wrong) have been speculating all kinds of things. Here’s an interesting theory:

UFOs and aliens would transition nicely from the space themed third season of Battle Pass. Battle Pass Season 4 begins next week, and though Epic has teased a post-meteor dinosaur theme with the “Tricera Ops” skin, they’ve also released alien skins like “Leviathan.” The two theories could possibly mix with the comet hitting, aliens landing and gamers getting a dinosaurs vs. aliens fourth season. The Battle Pass possibilities are endless!

Gamers have also discovered a distress signal playing on all the television sets in the game. Fortnite also recently tweeted out the signal from their Twitter account. If you still aren’t sold, well the Epic Games website has a new Fortnite graphic with the words “Brace for impact” written over a comet tail.

At this point, it is pretty clear what is going to happen, it’s just a matter of how and exactly when Epic does it (good luck getting on the servers at the end of the month). We should know within the week what will happen and no matter what they do, this whole month of conspiracies has been next-level in terms of what Epic Games has provided it’s players.

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Personally, I hope Tilted gets leveled!