Warriors blew the doors off Pelicans in Game 1, and are only getting started

OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 28: Klay Thompson
OAKLAND, CA - APRIL 28: Klay Thompson /

New Orleans put up an admirable effort but Golden State was on a whole different level in Game 1.

Even without its best player, Golden State rolled New Orleans in the opening game of what could be a very short second-round series. The Warriors looked so ferocious that it’s now an open question as to whether or not they need Steph Curry before an inevitable meeting in the Conference Finals with Houston.

Klay Thompson led the night’s shooting barrage with 27-points, but the story will be the insurmountable lead Golden State amassed in the first half. The Dubs dropped 76-points on the Pelicans by the time the first half buzzer sounded. From there it was a brisk walk down the Green Mile for New Orleans on its way to a 123-101 opening game loss.

There were bright spots for the Pels, but none bright enough to avoid being eclipsed by the sheer force of the Warriors attack. Game 2 had better wake New Orleans up, or this series could end up being one of the most disappointing of the entire playoffs.

Golden State is really, really good. And they’re still just revving the engine. The team is playing without Steph Curry, which is becoming less and less impressive by the minute. It’s not that Curry is being phased out, rather everyone else has stepped up so flawlessly that his absence isn’t being felt.

That’s a powerful setup to when he finally does come back. The Dubs played a devastating game of basketball in Game 1, and are getting an MVP back in its lineup for Game 2. Just let that sink in as you cower in fear of what’s to come.

One Love, Anthony Davis. The Pelicans star has tasted blood in the playoffs but has followed the trail into the lion’s den. Humbling wouldn’t be the right word to use for what happened to Davis in Game 1, because he hasn’t done anything to require a humbling. After Davis went off in the Pels opening round series against Portland, Shea Serrano quipped that he hoped this was a bear-tastes-human-blood situation; After the first game against Golden State, it’s a deer-in-headlights-life-flashing-before-eyes situation.

Davis did what he could, but the Pelicans were simply outclassed. Once the Warriors started controlling the pace, it was curtains. Jrue Holiday had a quiet night and the Pels were minus-23 with him on the floor. That can’t happen again or this series is already over.