Thanos wins (again) in Infinity Wars Prime this July

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We’ve already seen what it’s like for the Mad Titan to be triumphant on the big screen, and he’s about to achieve the same level of success, or so it seems, in print this summer.

Thanos is about those Infinity Stones. It’s been true in the comics since the early ’90s, when they were still called the Infinity Gems, and once he got them, it led to the classic The Infinity Gauntlet series, parts of which we just saw come to life on the big screen in Avengers: Infinity War. All signs are that he’s going to be after them again in the Infinity Wars event Marvel has cooking for the summer, and if the teaser that the company sent out today is any indication, he’s going to get them.

Or at least, he’s going to be triumphant regardless of what his scheme is.

The following image was sent with an email that simply said “THANOS WINS in INFINITY WARS PRIME!” That sounds bad, because when Thanos wins, it tends to mean things like the wiping out of half the life in the universe.

Infinity Wars Prime
Image credit: Marvel /

What else do we know about Infinity Wars Prime, other than the fact that it’s written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr.? Well, previous art featured the Guardians of the Galaxy, Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange and Loki. There was also a hooded figure with an infinity symbol for a mask.

(Strange hooded figure in a project with Thanos … anyone know the [redacted for Infinity War spoilers]’s current whereabouts?)

The presence of Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange makes one wonder whether the latest incarnation of the Avengers will get involved as well, since both heroes are members of the team that Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness are assembling right now.

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In any case, Infinity Wars Prime #1 is slated to his stores and digital in July, so it’s best to just prepare yourself now for Thanos winning again and heroes taking another ‘L.’ It’s kind of becoming a pattern.