30 best NBA poster dunks of all time

NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 1: Russell Westbrook
NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 1: Russell Westbrook /
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13. Dominique Wilkins over Larry Bird

Don’t jump, Larry. Larry. Larry. Don’t jump. Larry? LARRY? Larry nooooooooooooo!

That had to be the inner monologue of every Celtics fan when they saw Larry Bird staring down the breaking Dominique Wilkins knowing that the kid had a lifetime supply of bounce.

Bird jumped, Wilkins flew and put Larry on his behind wondering whether it was worth it to talk endless trash to the rookie forward. Look at how Wilkins springs off the ground. The liftoff was effortless, and he cocked the ball behind his back — not head — for effect. Bird came tumbling down and just sat there for a second, arms wrapped around his knees just… embarrassed.

The best part of this video on YouTube is that there is a comment from three years ago that just says “POOR LARRY” in all caps, and with a dunk this brutal, you can’t help but feel a bit of sympathy for Bird who looks absolutely crushed that he didn’t quite have it when he met with Wilkins at the rim.

Bird would later get revenge, dropping his career high 60 points on Nique’s head in 85 and giving Nique’s Hawks 20 points in the fourth in that epic ‘88 Game 7 that went to Bird despite Wilkins 47. Bird took one last shot at Wilkins at his statue unveiling saying that Wilkins’ statue surely wouldn’t be of him in a defensive stance.

Bird was right, but he had little room to talk considering Wilkins’ most memorable play was him giving Bird the business.