30 best NBA poster dunks of all time

NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 1: Russell Westbrook
NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 1: Russell Westbrook /
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5. Terrence Ross over Kenneth Faried

At the time of this ridiculous poster dunk, Terrence Ross was the NBA’s reigning Slam Dunk champion and was delivering on what you’d expect from the champ every time he had an open lane to the basket.

This time, though, there would be no open lane. Just a running start and the kind of gall it takes to even attempt to challenge a guy affectionately called The Manimal. Kenneth Faried didn’t make it easy on Ross. If you look at some of the photos from when both guys were mid-air before Ross finishes him off, it looks like there is no possible way that Ross is going to pull off the dunk.

Faried goes straight up with both hands and elevates just as high as Ross does. Ross’ saving grace was the angle that he took, allowing him to slide past Faried instead of having to go through him, which at the time, there was probably no way in hell Ross was going through the Manimal.

Regardless of how, Ross got there and the dunk was absolutely incredible. The dunk was so good that Patrick Truby of Deadspin animated it, and it’s become one of the coolest pieces of internet art out there.