30 best NBA poster dunks of all time

NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 1: Russell Westbrook
NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 1: Russell Westbrook /
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3. JR Smith over Gary Neal

Kevin Harlan exists to call amazing dunks because his call of JR Smith dunking over Gary Neal is an all-time great for an all-time great dunk with a lesson for the kids: Don’t try to take charges when high fliers are coming at you full speed with the ball.

Neal did everything he was taught to do. He was more than two passes away, so he had a foot in the paint in case he had to slide over to help. Ime Udoka gets beat off the dribble and Neal slides over. He sets his feet and absorbs the contact. Unfortunately, the refs decided that he got there a fraction of a second late and the contact was pure, unadulterated destruction.

As Smith throws it down, Harlan goes wild. “JR SMITH… WE JUST SAW A MAN FLY… RIDE ‘EM COWBOY!”

Smith puts his hand to his ear to listen to the crowd and Carmelo Anthony is on the bench with what can only be described as “a face so satisfied with what he’s seen, excitement is optional.”

Fortunately for Gary Neal, Reggie Miller calls him “George Hill” on the broadcast. So whenever this video is played without a title in the future, some casual fan just might believe it was Hill who got dunked on instead of Neal. Silver linings!

Whether it was Neal or Hill, this was one of the greatest moments in JR Smith’s insanely wild and hilarious career.