30 best NBA poster dunks of all time

NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 1: Russell Westbrook
NEW ORLEANS, LA - APRIL 1: Russell Westbrook /
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27. Derrick Rose over Goran Dragic

Derrick Rose hammering one home over Goran Dragic is the ultimate case study in “why in the hell did he jump?” Just listen to Stacy King after Rose scrapes his head on the top of the then US Airways Center looking down on the hapless Dragic.

“Stop it! Stop it! He did not do him like that,” King begin as Rose starts stomping around the edges of the court. “What are you doing Dragic? Did you not get the memo? Derrick Rose can go upstairs! WOOOOOOOOOOO!”

The double calf wraps with just an inch of space between the wrap and the socks give Rose’s legs an almost bionic look when you watch the dunk from the baseline camera. He lifts off the ground as if gravity is just one of those laws you can just choose to ignore.

As Rose is cocking the ball back completely behind his head, Dragic is wondering why he didn’t give up on the play. He was behind Rose for the entirety of the break and knows — like, he KNOWS — that he can’t jump with Rose, and jumps anyway.

It’s one of those plays that we’ll never understand but remain happy for the confusion.