WWE Backlash 2018: Preview and predictions

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Here’s a preview and prediction for every match on the card at the 2018 edition of WWE Backlash.

Welcome to FanSided and welcome to the preview and predictions for WWE Overkill … I mean, WWE Backlash.

Seriously, this is the third pay-per-view event for WWE in less than a month. Don’t get me wrong, I’m obviously a wrestling guy, but this is getting to be a bit too much in such a short amount of time. I know there’s always a bit of a dropoff after WrestleMania takes place and perhaps the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia could only take place at that particular place in time but three pay-per-views in four weeks is exhausting.

Nevertheless, I’m a professional, so let’s get into the preview and predictions for the 2018 edition of WWE Backlash.

United States Championship Match

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Randy Orton

The WWE United States Championship picture has been pretty jumbled up as of late but I actually like how this match between Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton has come together. With Jinder Mahal losing his automatic rematch at the Greatest Royal Rumble and now on Monday nights, he’s out and Randy Orton is in. But this is the Randy Orton that I’ve been missing for a while now. He’s got a little bit of edge back to him, and the RKO on Hardy this past Tuesday night on SmackDown Live gives me a little hope that he’s going back the other way soon. Shelton Benjamin has been involved a bit, and I thought he might get added to this matchup simply to avoid Hardy or Orton having to take the pin, but that hasn’t happened.

Prediction: I’ve gotta go with Jeff Hardy on this one, possibly due to some outside interference. I don’t think it helps either person to lose clean here, unless it feeds into Orton snapping at some point, which as you can tell I’d obviously be okay with. Orton doesn’t really need this title and I think Hardy is the perfect choice for United States Champion at this time, so I’ll go with the champ.