5 signs that you might be playing too much Fortnite

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You think you have a significant other, but at this point you aren’t sure

It feels as though it’s been days. You said you were going to get off four hours ago, but the squad caught a win and you were all fired up for more. Days seem like hours, hours like minutes. Have you eaten today? It doesn’t matter because you’re pretty sure it’s now an unreasonable time to cook dinner and you know the squad is going to keep playing. This is you at 3 a.m. on #FortniteFriday (please note: NSFW language):


But wait. Wasn’t there someone else living in the house with you? Uh oh.

Fortnite has a way of taking over. When submersed in the game, it is very difficult to focus on anything but the ultimate goal of “victory royale.” You love it but your significant other probably hates it because let’s face it, watching you get wrecked every time you’re being chased through Loot Lake by the oncoming storm grows tiresome.

The key here is finding a balance. Most of the time your S.O. just wants the same level of attention you give the game. If you log off and immediately zone out on the couch with a bag of chips, your better half has a right to be mad. Couples get into fights over Fortnite all the time. Especially young couples (excuse the language once again, sorry!):


Is this a problem? 

It can be, but not if you get ahead of the curve. Use Fortnite as a driving factor to start doing all those nice things you had planned in your head. Go for a nice walk, ask about their day, give them a nice back rub, go out for dinner and a movie (on a night that the squad isn’t online). Fortnite can actually make your relationship better!

Playing too much is definitely not a problem unless you’re legitimately neglecting your life (or work/your child) to play — in which case it is most definitely a problem.