CEEK VR working toward future of spectating in NBA 2K League

Ceek VR has partnered with Kings Guard Gaming to provide virtual reality training for its players, but there’s much more in the works.

As the 17 disparate NBA 2K League franchises look for a competitive advantage, the young teams are looking to models both conventional and unconventional. Kings Guard Gaming has been among the leaders in implementing technology into its training programs, and a new partnership with CEEK virtual reality could have the potential to do a lot not only for Kings Guard but for fans as well.

CEEK’s headsets and VR tech will be implemented into Kings Guard’s training studio. CEEK will sponsor content and merchandise for the franchise along with have signage displayed on Kings Guard’s virtual court during home games. The benefit for Kings Guard in its on-court performance was evident in a 68-66 win over Jazz Gaming to start out the regular season 1-0.

“Training with VR could improve performance, as it gives multiple vantage points with enhanced ability to see the game in 360,” Akim Millington, Director of Global Partnerships for CEEK, said. “It has been proven that you actually create memories in VR which leads to increased muscle memory, experience, and responsiveness.”

This is the first time that CEEK has partnered with an professional esports venture, and the possibilities for NBA 2K League fans are exciting.

In terms of engagement, with the use of the CEEK Virtual Reality headsets and CEEK VR app, Millington envisions a future in which NBA 2K League fans will be able to project themselves inside the virtual arena during the league’s games.

“We’ve had many discussions about integrating VR for fans,” Millington said. “Virtual Reality presents the ultimate in fan engagement. You can imagine fans wearing the CEEK VR headset and actually being side by side with their favorite teams as they play. That’s exactly what we are working on — bringing the energy of competition day to fans in VR. They will feel as if they are literally there, communicating with the team. The implementation is forthcoming at this point.”

Making games available for fans in VR could be a huge boost to the league’s popularity. The league’s contests are currently only available on Twitch, and the audience has been less than desirable on that platform so far. One of the main criticisms of the presentation is that it isn’t conducive to fans engaging in the content. Fans being able to virtually insert themselves in the stands during games could be a game-changer in that regard.

As NBA 2K League games happen on a virtual court, it’s only fitting that fans will someday be able to experience the games in VR as if they were there. CEEK is working on making that happen.