Impact’s Ava Storie debuts in WWE NXT as Brandi Lauren

Brandi Lauren (Ava Storie) makes her WWE NXT debut against Lacey Evans - Photo Credit: WWE NXT
Brandi Lauren (Ava Storie) makes her WWE NXT debut against Lacey Evans - Photo Credit: WWE NXT /

Impact Wrestling breakout star Ava Storie made her debut at WWE’s NXT tapings under her real name Brandi Lauren against Lacey Evans.

It was officially Storie Time over at WWE’s last NXT tapings as Ava Storie made her debut facing off against Lacey Evans. Ava Storie arrived at NXT donning a sleek, white leather jacket as she walked to the ring, waving to the fans and looking genuinely overjoyed at a dream come true. At the age of 21, Ava Storie has already made it to the No. 1 sports entertainment company in the world, the big time.

Storie is going by her first and middle name Brandi Lauren (Pawalek) as she did over at Ring of Honor and bringing that same It factor that got her noticed over at Impact/TNA, Ring of Honor, and Shine Wrestling in the first place. Whatever that special element is, it can’t be taught, she simply connects to the fans. Originally trained by Jay Lethal of Ring of Honor/TNA fame, the sky’s the limit for Lauren. It’s a relatively easy bet that it’s not the last time we see Lauren on the program and she’ll be on the main roster within likely a year at the most.

Lauren was noticeably a natural on-camera from the moment she arrived over NXT, all that work over at Impact Wrestling clearly paid off. She lost by pinfall to Evans, and though she’s ate her share of pinfalls on Impact as well, it never seemed to deter her popularity. She has the same kind of Bayley-like likability as a face or heel.

And there are some awesome moves in Brandi Lauren/Ava Storie’s repertoire. Check out this counter into a Diamond Cutter:

And a win by submission on Impact Wrestling in which Ava Storie counters with Crossface submission to win against Amber Nova on an episode of Impact during its GFW days. You’ll notice Lauren gets more offense in this match. New fans who saw Brandi Lauren for the first time on NXT can get more of a feel to the flow to her matches.

Then, there’s Ava Storie win against a potential NXT roster addition, Laurel Van Ness. Impact Wrestling’s Laurel Van Ness, real name Chelsea Green, a standout in her own right with one of the most memorable wedding angles the last few years has faced off against Ava Storie. It wouldn’t be a surprise with Ava Storie now on board at NXT to see Green debut over at NXT. Perhaps, reprise this match even.

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Brandi Lauren also  featured as one of the Women of Honor at Ring of Honor where she faced off against Tasha Steelz.

Be on the lookout for Brandi Lauren on WWE NXT, she’s destined to be a superstar on the main roster!